PRO-10 Wire Cable Tray Reducer

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Reducers are available in standard configurations with a depth/height of 2”, 4” or 6” ( 24”-18”, 18”-12”, 12”- 8” and 8”- 6” are standard). See finish chart below for standard colors. Custom colors and sizes available.

Includes interconnecting hardware.

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PRO-10 Cable Tray innovative steel mesh design with built-in splice/bonding loops enables faster installation with less labor and materials. Easy to engineer and identify individual fittings and/or parts. PRO-10 Cable Tray is easily configured around obstacles and allows vertical changes. The straight sections and fittings address the entire range of applications. Installation savings generally start at 50% and move higher dependent on the installation environment.

PRO-10 Cable Tray is ideal for today’s sensitive telecommunications fiber optic cables; but is also used for instrumentation cables, security and even electrical distribution. PRO-10 Cable Tray is used in Ceiling and Plenum spaces, Raised Access Floor areas and Telecom Closets. Indoor and outdoor versions available.

There’s a BIG difference in wire mesh cable trays. Other brands can’t equal PRO-10 Cable Tray benefits and unique design.

Stronger Construction – PRO-10 Cable Tray is made from large gauge wire, 4.5mm or greater, with an extra side wire giving stronger, more robust load capabilities and ALL sizes are UL Classified.

Built-In splice/ground loops– we’ve removed the finish for a fast and simple connection.

Made in the USA – PRO-10 Cable Tray is made in the USA by a USA owned company.

All tray sizes offered UL listed – PRO-10 Cable Tray has all sizes listed allowing you to meet UL grounding requirements (other brands have less than 6/many have none). Dependent on the splicing method, most of the other brands require the additional materials and labor of a ground bolt, attached to each individual tray and connected by a minimum 6 awg ground wire that runs the length of the tray installation.
Warranty available- PRO-10 Cable Tray has a standard 3 year warranty